Who we are



SINCE 1907.

MARIE CLAIRE S.A. was founded as a family company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of stockings in 1907. Today, MARIE CLAIRE is a brand leader and benchmark for the Spanish market, both in tights, stockings and knee highs thanks to its quality, design and innovation.

‘We are market leading Spanish thanks to our quality and design and the confidence of our customers’

After increasing success, in 1975 MARIE CLAIRE S.A. decided adopted a strategy to diversify its lines and begin making socks. Already in 1985 the factory of Villafranca was vertically integrated to produce our own yarns and fibres, which has managed to remain at the forefront in terms of product innovation. Since then and till today, MARIE CLAIRE has continued growing and manufacturing new lines as underwear, swimwear, pajamas and lingerie

Thanks to our experience, learning to adapt to the times, and the competitiveness of our team of professionals, today it is one of the premier textile companies in Spain and occupies a prominent place in Europe.

‘We grow and evolve. After 100 years in Spanish fashion, we are still here, making you feel special, beautiful, sexy, attractive…’

‘Our goal is dressing men and women, creating a world of fashion, design and quality’

The MARIE CLAIRE factory is located in Villafranca, Castellón, and is the largest production plant in Europe.

Villafranca del Cid, in a municipality of the province of Castellón, is where the MARIE CLAIRE S.A. factory is located. It has the largest production plant in Europe with a total area of 58,840 m2. It also boasts a total of 761 machines for the production of tights, 391 for socks and 96 for the production of seam free underwear.

The annual production capacity is:

  • 5 million dozens of tights.
  • 1.6 million dozens of socks.
  • 500,000 units of swimwear.
  • 4.5 million units of seamfree underwear.
  • 550,000 units of lingerie.




In 2004 MARIE CLAIRE S.A. opened its new logistic centre in Borriol (CLB) where we subsequently transferred all our offices in 2009.

It’s an investment in technology and innovation. The CLB is located in the town of Borriol, with an area of 15,478 m2 and a volume of 200,000 m3. At full performance it processes 490,000 garments per day.

All of the innovations which contribute to the CLB textile distribution, note that we were the first to use artificial vision for order picking. It is based on camera technology with laser barcode identification sending products to their location.

This sorting system is the most advanced in Spain, in Europe it is used by major brands but with less advanced systems.

More than 600 workers build our brand every day.

MARIE CLAIRE S.A. group consists of more than 600 professionals working together to build the brand and design and produce top quality clothing: tights, socks, underwear, lingerie and swimwear.

The corporate culture is based on open communication and a high level of demand. A diverse and motivated team is focused on responding to the needs of their customers. These principles are the basis of the personal commitment to a task that is focused on the satisfaction of our customers.

Offering employment opportunities and finding new talent is our objective.

MARIE CLAIRE S.A. works to make people feel unique and to identify with the brand, offers its employees a dynamic environment where ideas are valued and are committed to internal promotion. We believe in the stability of employment and training.

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MARIE CLAIRE, S.A. has a quality management system, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, certified by AENOR.

Quality policy:

-Obtaining quality is based on planning and prevention. Manage processes to ensure the quality of the final product, following the guidelines laid down in the international standard ISO9001.

-Achieve customer satisfaction, through the continuous improvement of processes and products.

-All members of the company and external collaborators are committed to the achievement of the quality objectives.

-Manage the results of processes and products, through the implementation and monitoring of the indicators associated with them.

-Comply with legal, regulatory requirements and any others applicable to the company.