National Distribution



The traditional channel, greater proximity to our customers.

And new market trends, the new distribution, where we have been leading:

  • Large department stores such as ‘El Corte Inglés’.
  • Chains of distribution such as ‘Cortefiel’.
  • And superstores

With a presence throughout the national territory, MARIE CLAIRE S.A., is the largest provider in our country of this type of item.


MARIE CLAIRE has expanded its sales and distribution to all over the world in order to provide effective volume in the own label business: tights and socks. MARIE CLAIRE is the supplier of own label in Spain, Holland, Belgium, France, England, Portugal and Greece.

The industrial capacity and logistics infrastructure of MARIE CLAIRE in Spain allows us to cover distribution in Europe.

AZNAR U.K, European subsidiary in England:
Ensures the correct commercialisation and distribution of our products in Northern Europe and it allows us to be among the leaders of the English market in terms of volume and turnover, bearing in mind that it is a market where over 75% of the market share is distribution brand.

Vertical integration of MARIE CLAIRE speeds up the process of manufacturing and technological development that this competitive market demands.

With this portfolio of European markets, including Spain, MARIE CLAIRE S.A. ranks among the three top manufacturers/distributors in the European market.

Our customers: John Lewis, Waitrose, BHS, Tesco, Brandwell, Debenhams, Carrefour, Casino, Leclerc, Dia, Hema, etc.